Thanksgiving Eve and dad is destroying, I mean making his traditional pie….

God there are a hundred things I should be doing to prepare for the feast we are hosting here…but I am on the couch drinking coffee with cool whip and wondering if I should start the Gilmore Girls over again….I can see the dust bunny farm under the chairs from the view on my couch….I should call my dad.  He is making his “famous” chocolate cream pie…allegedly.  Oh the years we have begged him to please just buy one from a bakery….I don’t think I’ve ever had chocolate cream pie, but I’ve tried the thing he brings every year.  I just think it’s weird to have ‘magic shell’ or whatever covering the pie crust.  But Suzie says after a few big gulps of Merlot, it almost looks like pie, so that should count.

The bathroom is a disaster.  I know I have to go up there and deal with it.  For me, organizing under the sink is more important than bleaching the mold outta the tub or cleaning around the base of the toilet (boys)….because I sure as hell look in people’s medicine closets and under the sink….I think you learn a lot about a person by what they hide behind the Drano….

Corey made four pies.  I wonder if he will mind if I eat one…..?  After my fourth nap on a rainy Thanksgiving Eve…..

About mermaidmom9https://mermaidmomdotblog.wordpress.comI am me. A middleaged mom on the way dark side of 45 with four kids - 3 are "adulttoddlers" and one STILL in high school....I feel like I have been in high school forever. Anyways, I am almost married to the absolute love of my life and he tolerates the dogs, the kids and my rambling well. Sometimes I think it's because he has earbuds in. Anyhow, in the throes of a midlife crisis, which is basically, I don't want to be anything but independently wealthy and swinging in a hammock on some tropical island I own....and dodging hot flashes- which are definitely not the same as the Caribbean I am. And here you are if you found me. Welcome to my world.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Eve and dad is destroying, I mean making his traditional pie….

  1. I haven’t even shopped for a turkey yet! Maybe we will eat one of those ones that has been plumped up with sodium instead of the organic $8.99 lb ones we usually get. I will just tell everyone it is organic after they say “wow anne your turkey was so moist this year!”


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