Just because Bill Nemitz writes about you…..

Had dinner with Drew last night….he was his usual Drew self….dressed like Mr Rogers, but with his sharp intellect and quick wit….Mr Rogers if he were a combination psychiatrist/attorney/ninja…..anyhow…a Sunday night pizza with Drew after a long weekend of turkey leftovers, relatives and the Christmas scramble was like an intellect cleanse.  My brain hurts.

A big topic, thank you, Erica, was what was the difference between blogging and posting on Facebook.   I dunno.  But this week I am determined to find out….

I am trying to nail down the D’ports for my next Icon interview….but if you know the D’ports, this is no easy feat….they are the Where’s Waldo of the ‘brook….I also forgot to pick the coffee cup of the week at the DG Friday, so I will do that today.  While others may not see the relevance in this, I sometimes have to fabricate an excuse to be in there, lest I skate narrowly close to stalking.  I really love it there, it’s the Narnia of the ‘brook.  Tomorrow or Thursday is my Throwback Interview from the 80’s….

I also have to check on pinterest and etsy for flannel wedding gowns….i womder if my mom saved any of our old Lanz nightgowns….

Happy Monday, help the next one in line….always stay humble and kind.

About mermaidmom9https://mermaidmomdotblog.wordpress.comI am me. A middleaged mom on the way dark side of 45 with four kids - 3 are "adulttoddlers" and one STILL in high school....I feel like I have been in high school forever. Anyways, I am almost married to the absolute love of my life and he tolerates the dogs, the kids and my rambling well. Sometimes I think it's because he has earbuds in. Anyhow, in the throes of a midlife crisis, which is basically, I don't want to be anything but independently wealthy and swinging in a hammock on some tropical island I own....and dodging hot flashes- which are definitely not the same as the Caribbean sun...here I am. And here you are if you found me. Welcome to my world.

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