Giving Tuesday….Xtremely Generous…

I wish every Tuesday was Giving Tuesday….it might be a better world if on Tuesdays we just stopped and did something for someone else….anything, like hold the door open, pay it forward at the drive through or maybe just decided not to yell “Asshat!” and give the finger to the car that may or may not have cut you off….The world is drenched in drama.

Anyhow, I wanted to point out that this year again, the local Cheers aka Xtreme Screen Printing – you know the place…you walk in and around the customer bar are the Norm’s and Carla’s….only their ‘brook names are John and Karla…they are passing around a box of day old donuts and chat it up about dri wick and embroidery floss….and when Christmas time rolls around…they put up their Giving Tree.  And a lot of people do this, I know that, but when you have a small local company that takes the time to find out what local families need and they get down to the business of trying to provide for that need, it’s, well it’s extremely generous.  Xtremely generous.  Because they don’t have to.  There are plenty of other organizations, churches, schools that will lend a hand.  But to know that this small gesture of hanging a tag on a tree asking someone to buy gloves for a 12 year old will surpass buying your own 15 year old the latest NBA2K video game in your heart, is a gift.  We forget at Christmas.  We stray or rather we are pulled by commercialism, consumerism and spendalism….we feel guilty if we don’t buy enough, we feel guilty for spending what we don’t have, we feel guilty that instead of embracing the season for what it really is, we have to buy 10 rolls of scotch tape and color coordinated bows.

But the act of buying something for someone you have never met and not taking any credit for, is a gift to you.  It’s about love, it’s about grace and it’s about getting back to what this season is all about.  Xtreme, I am grateful for your example in our little town.  Cheers.

About mermaidmom9https://mermaidmomdotblog.wordpress.comI am me. A middleaged mom on the way dark side of 45 with four kids - 3 are "adulttoddlers" and one STILL in high school....I feel like I have been in high school forever. Anyways, I am almost married to the absolute love of my life and he tolerates the dogs, the kids and my rambling well. Sometimes I think it's because he has earbuds in. Anyhow, in the throes of a midlife crisis, which is basically, I don't want to be anything but independently wealthy and swinging in a hammock on some tropical island I own....and dodging hot flashes- which are definitely not the same as the Caribbean I am. And here you are if you found me. Welcome to my world.

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